Accept Global Payments

Accept local payment solutions tailored to your market and requirements

Payment Platform

Driving transactions through all channels and devices

Global and local payment solutions

Higher online sales for regions, markets and segments. Best fitting local acquiring partners for frictionless payments

Risk Management

The right set of fraud prevention toolsin global payments prevent fraudulent purchases before they occur









Managed Services

Aside from transaction processing, CNG supports travel and airline merchants with Managed Services such as…

Transaction Monitoring

CNG mitigates the risk of processing fraudulent transactions with real-time transaction monitoring

Chargeback Management

CNG protects the merchant from unnecessary losses from Chargebacks

Reconciliation Services

CNG keeps track of the status of your transactions and ensures that every transaction is settled by the bank

Business Intelligence Platform

A single payment platform handling transactions from multiple channels and delivering consolidated reporting, monitoring and risk management tools.

A Range of Payment Integration Options

CNG provides the technology for eCommerce, mCommerce and mobile point-of-sale transactions.

Fraud Protection

An extensive list of fraud management tools to protect your business

Key Platform Features

We help merchants accelerating their online businesses through our central platform features.

Seamless Integration

Access our interactive online documentation to integrate our payment solution

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Experts in the Airline and Travel industry

Specialized in handling travel and airline traffic and to manage day-2-day services, enabling the merchants to focus on their core business and not on the daily payment transactions.

Integrated to the top online reservation systems

CNG is already integrated to the top players in the online flight reservation system. We support full flight data, so you can easily follow your passengers from booking till landing.

Highest availability

99.8% uptime

Permanent Active/active synchronisation between our different sites

24/7 - 365 days a year

Over 16,000 cross-functional monitors running 24/7 – 365 days a year

No Customer Impact

No hardware-related maintenance windows: virtual motion of system components between sites