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Through CNG, you are already connected to over 175 acquirers around the World.

Intelligent transaction routing

Intelligent transaction routing enables you to protect your valuable merchant IDs (MIDs) by distributing transactions.


Merchants now have access to a processing infrastructure that takes care of all the needs and requirements of modern payment schemes.

Transaction and analysis platform (BIP)

CNG’s merchant transaction and analysis platform (BIP) is the most powerful Web-based tool in the market for e-commerce merchants.

Getting your numbers

You know your own business best, and you understand your customers better than anybody else does. But even being the expert that you are, you need to get the right numbers at the right time to run your business effectively.

Merchant transaction and analysis platform

The most powerful Web-based tool in the market for e-commerce merchants.

Risk Management

CNG optimises your profits through advanced risk management, which includes more than 120 risk checks.

Maximise profits through modular risk intelligence

CNG’s integrated risk intelligence solutions offer tailored fraud protection for all online payment methods and industries.

Using third-party fraud prevention through CNG

The challenge in fraud management is to keep the fraud out while letting the good customers in. To achieve this goal CNG offers the largest range of risk management tools on the market.


CNG has bundled most proven combinations of risk checks into three simple packages.

Card-not-present verification using CVV and AVS

In addition to 3DSecure there are two main aspects of issuer credit card security in card-not-present scenarios, AVS and CVV.

Active Payment Selection

Based on COPYandPAY, the Active Payment Method Selecation enables merchants to offer payment methods according to the risk profile of shoppers. The checkout adapts itself dynamically with the right set of local payment methods.

Recurring Billing

CNG's merchant-managed recurring billing solves significant challenges regarding regular payment collection.

Mobile Payments

Mobile POS – accepting card payments at the Point of Sale