accept payments on your terms.

The CNG payment platform is connected to a global acquiring network.
Experience improved terms and wide-ranging alternative payments.

One integration - Frictionless payments

Through one technical solution we integrate, report, and manage the different payment methods from all kinds of sales channels, different credit card types and multi-currency payments – all in real-time.

With the right combination of local acquiring and a set of alternative payment methods merchants can boost their sales by up to 40%. We let our merchants stay flexible and target their shoppers the most simple way. We guarantee frictionless payments at any time.

Managed Services

Aside from transaction processing, CNG supports all merchants with Managed Services.

Transaction Monitoring

CNG mitigates the risk of processing fraudulent transactions with real-time transaction monitoring

Chargeback Management

CNG protects the merchant from unnecessary losses from Chargebacks

Reconciliation Services

CNG keeps track of the status of your transactions and ensures that every transaction is settled by the bank

Global Acquiring

Accept local payments with global acquiring solutions tailored to your market and requirements

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