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payments for digital currency exchanges

Digital Currency Exchanges

Fast and easy payments for new and experienced crypto-exchanges

Through one technical solution we integrate, report, and manage the different payment methods from all kinds of sales channels, different credit card types, bank-transfers and multi-currency payments – all in real-time.

With the right combination of local acquiring, aset of alternative payment methods and instant bank transfers, your customers experience uninterrupted payments. Merchants can boost their sales and conversion rates, while reaching customers around the globe. We guarantee frictionless payments at any time.

For crypto exchanges we are specialized in providing a full payment package that makes the merchant independent on single acquirers and banks, a flexible set-up eliminating the vulnerability and at the same time control and minimize the fraud risks.

Corporate bank accounts

Competitive credit card rates

Instant bank transfers

Extensive fraud protection

Corporate accounts

CNG provides corporate/settlement banking solution which is an important part of the required payment solutions to handle like-for-like settlements in e.g. EUR, GBP and USD.

Alternative payment methods

Local payment methods to improve conversion rates

CNG can provide more than 300 different local payment methods

Bank transfer solutions

CNG's open banking-powered alternative to credit card payments makes it possible to initiate bank transfers directly from customer's accounts. With customer authorisation to initiate payments, chargebacks as well as declines due to insufficient funds are eliminated.

Payments are instantly verified, reducing risk and letting merchants issue products and services with confidence.

Reconciliation and reporting

From our Business Intelligence Platform (BIP) you will be able to extract all kinds of reports. We can also provide reports in specific formats and send them via SFTP or you can extract and pull via xml query. With the query set-up you will be in 100% control of the information and reports.
Automated reconciliation process provided by CNG
CNG to handle daily settlement and clearing files

Anti-fraud tools and implementation of the new PSD2 requirements

CNG's more than 150 risk-checks minimize the chargeback risks and at the same time improves the conversion rates.

CNG have implemented all procedures and anti-fraud measurements required based on the new PSD2 regulations taken into place.

It's a global industry

Global traders expect local payments. With CNG you can expect to offer your customers the payment methods they know and trust.

Feel your conversion rates sky-rocket as you expand your business without hassle to the top digital currency exchange markets worldwide.

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