World Wide Payments

Based on our Omni Channel Payment Processing Platform CNG offers immediate global coverage through technical connectivity with the most important payment methods and acquirers. These are the key ingredients to support any merchant’s international eCommerce.

One Integration

Through one technical solution we integrate, report, and manage the different payment methods from all kinds of sales channels, different credit card types and multi-currency payments – all in real-time.

With the right combination of local acquiring and a set of alternative payment methods merchants can boost their sales by up to 40%. We let our merchants stay flexible and target their shoppers the most simple way. We guarantee frictionless payments at any time.

Global Payment Network

Successful international expansion requires accepting not just the right payment methods and acquiring options, but also the ability to configure them quickly and efficiently.

Local Payments

Start accepting local alternative payment methods - which are continuously growing in popularity.

Quick Integration

As our entire network is available through a single RESTful open API, integration is simple and time to market is quicker than ever.


With CNG’s mobile payments solution, we help merchants accelerate their online businesses and target all shopper segments.

A Single Platform

Handle transactions from multiple channels and deliver consolidated reporting, monitoring and risk management tools - all through a single platform.

Multi-Channel Support

We provide our merchants the opportunity to select different channels and receive consolidated monitoring and reporting, as well as comprehensive fraud prevention and risk management tools for their online payment processing.

Platform Features


Chargeback Management

Take advantage of automated chargeback defense or let our team handle the disputes. Get deep insight into each transaction and be prepared before fraudsters have a chance.


Data Analysis

When needing to look into transactions, analyse trends and opportunities, we give merchants flexible data analysis tools to access the numbers the way they need for successful monitoring their online business. Learn more.


NG’s reporting capabilities make the merchant’s online business highly transparent by enabling them to track their online payment processing in real time. The sophisticated and diverse reporting functionalities give merchants the perfect tools to reconcile their their data quality and analyse their online payments. Furthermore, they can trigger internal individualised reports received from our system. Learn more.


Mobile Payments

Loyalty and coupon programmes, NFC, QR codes – and countless other promotional mechanics – are now very much standard in the mobile payments world. With CNG’s mobile payments solution, we help merchants accelerating their online businesses and by targeting new shopper segments. Learn more.



CNG’s mobile payments solutions make it easy to open the door to mCommerce for online merchants. Whether it’s shopper wallets, handover solutions or mobile shopping, our mobile payments solutions empower online merchants and take advantage of an entirely new shopper segment. Learn more.


The Device is Key

Whether it is a reader, or classic chip-and-pin device, choosing the right solution is essential in mobile payments. And let’s not forget that the choice is also very much dependent on the local and global payments required. CNG’s application is compatible with all mobile payments devices and can connect to any acquirer. This flexibility allows us to roll out tailored mobile payment solutions while guaranteeing the CNG payment security standards – every online merchants become PCI DSS compliant right away. Learn more.

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