lower fraud and improve conversion rates.

Using local payment heroes during checkout and activating the right fraud prevention tools meets shopper expectations, uncovers new revenue streams and increases your conversion rates.
increase online revenue

Add fraud prevention and increase revenue by up to 40%

By adding modular fraud prevention, merchants are able to immediately detect and defend themselves against attacks. CNG delivers tailored fraud prevention solutions for all online payment methods and industries .

With the right combination of risk settings and fraud prevention tools, online merchants can lower chargeback fees, increase their conversion rate and ultimately boost their online sales.

Risk Management

Locate the fraudsters before they target you

With our guidance, select the fraud measures that suit your business needs. Understand who your customers are and block the fraudsters while keeping honest customers happy by avoiding false declines.

Our Risk Management Features



Activate CNG’s safeguard against online fraud with just one click.


Blacklists and Whitelists

Block banned countries and unwanted shoppers to prevent fraud.


Geo IP Location

Verify the IP address of the shopper’s device and monitor geographic data.


Velocity Checks

Control transaction traffic on your website with velocity checks.


Flexible Scoring

We are able to combine fraud prevention to control shopper profiles, and evaluate the transaction risk.



Customer verification is core to CNG’s fraud prevention technology.


Device Fingerprinting

Identify the shopper behind the device and keep out the known fraudsters.


Data Validation

Carry out payment data validation checks with confidence.


Chargeback handling

Our team is instant notified of chargebacks and ready at the defense.

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